Thursday, 19 January 2012

Outfit of the Day

I bought a few things from asos. com last week, and I was thrilled to get them in the post this morning. I love all four items, and they fit, so that's a win. The frilled blouse is different to anything else I have, I never even wear black really. So I decided to brighten up the outfit with my beloved leopard print mini.

I'm loving the print clash with the ugly curtains!

This skirt was purchased this past summer, while I was in Thailand.  Anyone that's shopped in Thailand knows how  reluctant market stall vendors are to let you try on the clothes, I guess people have run off on them in the past, so fair enough. It means you're taking a gamble by buying something however, I came home with a few too many ill- fitting dresses! I was in Chattachuk Market, a complete fashion lovers paradise, when I came across this skirt. I was stretching it out to see if it would fit, when the lady who owned the stall very sweetly asked "Ooh, you pregnant?" Ouch. major ouch. Next to tiny Thai people, all Westerners look massive. Ah well, I still love the skirt. I'll start the diet next week.

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